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We supply planetary roller screws in different shapes and sizes and for different applications. 


For specially designed screws our prices are very competitive and our deliveries very fast.  We have in fact been manufacturing specially designed screws for years in order to satisfy the requirements of all our customers who need to replace worn high-precision screws on existing machine tools or in automation or handling systems. 


The diameter and pitch of our screws are usually as follows:


Diameter 20 pitch 1
Diameter 24 pitch 2
Diameter 25 pitch 1
Diameter 30 pitch 5
Diameter 32 pitch 2

Diameter 48 pitch 10


Screws can be up to 3 metres long.


For any request, please write to

or call us on +39.031.3330.3

You can also request information by filling out the form here.


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