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You can request a quote for the production of unfinished, specifically designed parts by means of electrical upsetting and/or hot forging

The process of plastic deformation of the material entails high mechanical resistance, the use of less material and higher safety thanks to the elimination of internal flaws.

Producing specifically designed parts involves designing and creating appropriate moulds, the initial cost of which can only be amortised based on the number of parts produced. 


For this reason this process is only recommended if a sufficient number of parts is to be produced. 


Our staff is also available to analyse the project and its practical application, so as to offer the best solution in terms of costs, quality and reliability. 


Request further information or send a design to receive a quote. 

Kg. 5,190

Kg. 1,180

Kg. 1,260

Kg. 1,420

Kg. 1,440

Kg. 3,830

Kg. 1,180

Kg. 0,500

Kg. 0,770

Kg. 0,200

Kg. 1,630

Kg. 0,800

Kg. 0,500

Kg. 0,610

Kg. 1,200

Kg. 0,910

Kg. 0,430

Kg. 0,080

Kg. 0,480

Kg. 0,200

Kg. 0,570

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