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Speak to our experts, even if what you have to build is particularly challenging.  We often manage to make the impossible possible! 

Turning, drilling, threading and other machining

Our parallel lathes and numerically controlled lathes allow us to accurately carry out small- and medium-scale processing with care and precision, thanks to our technicians who have several decades of experience. 

Our machines also boast multi-station transfer machines (for turning+rolling and for drilling+tapping) which are used high quantities. 


We also perform internal and external threading for bolts and nuts to a very high quality standard, consolidated over more than half a century in the industry. 

Orders are processed quickly and quality and delivery times are always guaranteed. 

All our work is monitored through process and control sheets.

In 1997 our company adopted the ISO 9001 Quality System and, over time, it has implemented its own quality-control procedures.  We now adhere to the current ISO 9001:2015 standard

Request further information or send a design to receive a quote. 




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