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Helios (also known as Elios) was designed and invented by Pier Luigi Ighina mainly for three purposes:


Purifying the environment eliminating pollutants and harmful radiations which alter and destroy nature's balanced rhythm – known as Solar-Terrestrial Magnetic Rhythm -, the spiral rotation of particles coming mostly from the sun but also from other stars. These particles are absorbed by the Earth and are subsequently bounced back to their point of origin. By amplifying nature's balance rhythm, Helios can neutralise many polluting elements which emit harmful and discordant electromagnetic vibrations.


Protecting environmental health and life by relating each substance to the Solar-Terrestrial Rhythm (energy which travels with light). Helios can also be used to protect against harmful electromagnetic pollution, including nuclear radiations. When positioned on a Hartmann pathogenic node, Helios can neutralise it.


Boosting nature's work by creating an explosion of life for everything within a radius of about 50 metres of it. Every type of substance gets some natural benefit. Helios' energy will be apparent by observing nature around it after a few weeks.

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