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According to Pier Luigi Ighina's building instructions, Helios (also known

as Elios) must comprise mainly a central ring of painted wood.

We have used birch wood protected by two layers of insulating paint,

2 bottom layers and 2 layers of paint. The significant cost relative

to the manual application of all these protective layers and the manual

polishing of each layer guarantees the longest possible duration

of Helios, even in adverse weather conditions. Should the temperature

to which the wooden ring is exposed drop below -10 degrees or rise

over 50 degrees, the wooden ring's lifespan could be sensibly reduced. 

The same could happen in very humid and rainy conditions.

A slight deterioration of the ring's paintwork does not in any case

compromise Helios' operation. In conformity with Pier Luigi Ighina's instructions the spring-like conductor is made of aluminium to best capture and convey the magnetic rhythmic movement existing between the sun and the earth. Said magnetic energies (the descending, luminous positive energy coming from the sun and the reflected, ascending, lightless negative energy coming from the earth's centre) follow a rotating spiralling movement , each in a direction opposite to the other. Indeed, the aluminium conductor starts in one direction and ends in the other.  The small coloured cylinders positioned on the ring according to a precise order affect the magnetic vibration field by concentrating most energy at the centre of the wooden ring and along its perimeter. Finally, in order to activate Helios' energy at its maximum width, water must be used (which is an irreplaceable element  in the creation of life in nature). The 8 glass bottles included in the package must be filled with water and placed in the middle of the wooden ring, whereas the other seven must be placed at the same distance along a hypothetical circle outside the ring. Important: to enable it to supply the multi-wave energy which regenerates the environment and destroys any toxic pollution Helios must be 'activated'. Please read the section 'Positioning and activating Helios' before putting it to use.









  • 1 Helios

  • 8 x 0.5 liter bottles with mechanical top.

  • multilanguage labels with deterring message + protection trasparency labels

  • Plastic support for labels (to positioning it into the ground).

  • Instructions in italian and english language

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