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Helios was carefully manufactured mainly for outdoor use. Helios should be placed in the sun directly on the ground and never on cement, ceramic or metal surfaces. Helios' wooden parts have been protected with several layers of paint to render it as weather-proof as possible. Helios can also be placed on terraces or verandas or indoors, as long as it receives sunlight (like any plant) and is not positioned on cement, ceramic or metal surfaces. Indoors Helios can be positioned on wood or glass surfaces (for example on a shelf) or on a plastic object.

To position and activate Helios correctly, please follow these instructions:


1 To position Helios outdoors in a field, in a vegetable garden or in a garden, choose a sunny spot (if possible not underneath a plant, a roof, etc.). To position it indoors, or on a terrace or a veranda, ensure that Helios receives sunlight for as many hours in a day as possible. Always place Helios horizontally on its three feet.
Important: the (spring-like) aluminium conductor must not touch the surface on which Helios has been placed.


2 Fill one of the 8 glass bottles included in the package with water. Place it exactly at the centre of the green-coloured ring. If Helios is outdoors, in order to strengthen the signal up to a radius of 50 metres the other 7 bottles should be filled with water and placed around the ring at a distance of 4-5 centimetres from the ring's edge. Place the 7 bottles where the aluminium conductor does not pass through the ring, that is half-way between one small coloured cylinder and another.



nce correctly positioned in the best place, Helios must be activated in order to enjoy all its functions. Helios is activated as follows:


3 for the first 3 days.                                                                
Fill the glass bottles with drinking water; after 24 hours empty them and change the water. The glass bottles' water should be changed once a day only for the first 3 days.


4 In spring and summer.
     change the bottles' water once a month.
     In autumn and winter.

     Change the bottles' water every 2 months.


The estimated range of Helios with the 7 external bottles is over 50 metres.  When placing more Helios devices in a cultivated field or in a garden, these must be positioned at a distance of 100 metres one from the other.




  • 1 Helios

  • 8 x 0.5 liter bottles with mechanical top.

  • multilanguage labels with deterring message + protection trasparency labels

  • Plastic support for labels (to positioning it into the ground).

  • Instructions in italian and english language

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