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Respecting  nature has always been an important part of our company policies. 


Each individual feels important and often even indispensable. 

Every company expects to be able to exploit all the Earth’s resources in the name of progress.  Astronauts who have been to the Moon and have seen the Earth from that perspective, have not seen people nor companies.  They have had the privilege of admiring our planet in its entirety, and of understanding how it is part of a system that follows the laws of nature and of the universe.   With one look, they understood how man and his attempt to dominate nature could well become a troublesome disturbance to the natural harmony of our planet.  Similarly to what happens in the kingdoms of man, animals and plants, nature also employs its own defence mechanism whenever its balance is upset. 

God always forgives, man sometimes, nature never.

Let’s think carefully about it!


Mec Wolf has always had the privilege (also as a result of a precise choice!) of working in industries where all waste is recycled and where no waste which is toxic for man or nature is produced.  The only resource we can’t recycle is electricity which, unfortunately, is still generated causing considerable damage to our planet. 

We strongly confide in human intelligence so that energy can be increasingly obtained from the immense natural resources that our planet and the universe can offer. 

Since 2012, following several studies and experiments, we have started placing alongside our typically industrial products a series of ‘tools’, which can exploit our planet’s vibrations (or frequencies) to help man and nature regenerate their balance and harmony.



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