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Unlike many similar products on the market, our Tibetan singing bowls are built following engineer Albert Rabenstein’s specifications, in order to obtain a perfect Harmonic Scale.  A perfect Harmonic Scale is obtained when the fundamental frequency  and all the harmonics are perfectly in tune with each other. 

The sound produced by the singing bowls is therefore harmonic and produces harmony.  The harmonic scale is the principle that nature follows to organise itself in its infinite manifestations.  All our bowls are handmade, one by one, using an alchemic process of metal fusion. 

Each singing bowl is one of a kind. 


Their unique shape (golden geometry) allows the fundamental frequency to combine with higher octave harmonics.  The shape of the bowl determines the pitch of the fundamental sound:  a smaller model will produce a higher fundamental frequency, whereas a larger bowl will produce a lower fundamental frequency. 


Tibetan singing bowls produce a range of harmonic sounds and overtones that last in time and alter the environment’s vibration by expanding through it. 

Contact vibration therapies (sound massage) performed on man have proved to be optimal for meditation, to free the mind, relax the body, loosen mental and physical blocks, balance vital centres and increase energy, paving the road to well-being. 


The beneficial effects of the applied use of harmonics, even for serious illnesses, have been studied at the Centro de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armonicos in  Buenos Aires  for years. 


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