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SIZE 1 Code Q201DTJ100000AA

singing bowl diameter 7,5 cm

singing bowl height 3,5 cm



SIZE2 Code Q202DTJ200000AA

singing bowl diameter 10,5 cm

singing bowl height 4 cm


SIZE 3 Code Q203DTJ300000AA

singing bowl diameter 13,5 cm

singing bowl height 5,5 cm


SIZE 4 Code Q204DTJ400000AA

singing bowl diameter 15,2 cm

singing bowl height 6,2 cm


CONTENT OF THE CARDBOARD BOX for each singing bowl:


  • The singing bowl (in your choosen size)

  • Wooden mallet for percussion

  • Harmonic test report 2.2 EN 10204

SIZE 5 Code Q205DTJ500000AA

singing bowl diameter 15,5 cm

singing bowl height 9,2 cm


SIZE 6 Code Q206DTJ600000AA

singing bowl diameter 19 cm

singing bowl height 11,5 cm


NB: the measurements reported down the side may be subject to small changes.

SIZE 7 Code Q207DTJ700000AA

singing bowl diameter 24 cm

singing bowl height 12,5 cm


Optional related products:


  • Wood and leather mallet Code Q2BADBALEATH0A

            (needed for sound massage)



  • Metal and rubber mallet Code Q4BADBALEATH0A

            (to produce low, enveloping sounds

             particularly with large singing bowls)



  • Bag to hold and carry the singing bowls Code Q2CUDTJCUST70A

            (can hold all 7 singing bowls)

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