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Albert Rabenstein, born in Buenos Aires, is the Director of the Centro de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armónicos, where for years he has been researching, teaching and diffusing knowledge. 

He has been studying the healing power of sound and its use as personal and group transformation tool since 1987. 

He is a member of Music Therapists for Peace of New York, an association which promotes education for peace within the United Nations. 

He works for the development and production of Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, tubular bells and other sound therapy tools.  He created and directs online vibratory meditation groups known as Red de Sonadores.

The sound of the bowls is used as meditation tool, to free the mind, relax the body, loosen mental and physical blocks, balance vital centres and increase energy, paving the road to well-being. 

Albert Rabestein co-operates with us on professional training for the construction and correct use of harmonic instruments. 



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