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BIO-WELL’s technical specifications.

Bio-Well is supplied in a shock-proof bag, so it easy and safe to move. The device comprises a special GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) scanner and a Calibration kit. It includes a USB cable for PC (Windows XP or later) or Mac (OS X 10.4 or later) connection.

The software can be downloaded directly from the BIO-WELL website and must be purchased online.

The BIO-WELL software can be connected to your PC or Mac’s USB port and its configuration is automatic.



Calibration and scanning
Very fast!


All data of the various tests produced by BIO-WELL can be obtained by simply scanning the 5 fingertips of both hands.

This is a quick, painless operation. Using BIO-WELL does not require any particular IT knowledge. The BIO-WELL software uses your PC or MAC’s USB port and its configuration is automatic.

After scanning your fingertips, the BIO-WELL software will automatically process all data and will provide the graphic illustration of the most significant data. Data can also be exported to a PDF file and/or a CSV-format file for personal evaluation.



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