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Kostantin Korotkov is a Professor in biophysics at the University of St. Petersburg and Chairman of IUMAB (International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography).He published over 200 scientific articles, 5 books including ‘Human Energy Field’ and ‘Light after Life’ and owns 15 patents in biophysics.


In 1995 Kostantin Korotkov invented and patented the first tool (BIO-WELL) for viewing of the distribution of the human field’s energy, as well as making it easy to reproduce and print this process at a low cost. By taking fingerprints using a special electrode system, a high-intensity electromagnetic field is formed around the fingers with the production of a gas discharge, the luminescence of which can be recorded and measured.

Using GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) technology, BIO-WELL can measure the energetic field in its physical-psychological-emotional-spiritual components, the health of organs and body parts, the opening of chakras, as well as the stress and energy levels.



Interview  (2010).


Lesa (Leadership Energy Summit Asia 2013) Kostantin Korotkov (english)


Bellaria 2013


The leaders room (2014): Kostantin Korotkov (inglese)


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