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Golfari Tabella DIN 582


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But never put people and objects at risk.


Make sure first that they comply with the regulations
and that they have the following characteristics:

Markings on each piece.

Manufacturer's mark, CE marking, type of steel used,
manufacturing lot, threading size,
straight pull safety working load (WLL – Working Load Limit) in Kg,
arrow specifying the direction of pull to which the working load refers.


(mandatory markings prescribed by standards DIN 580:2010 and DIN 582:2010)

Packaging label.

Eye bolts and eye nuts are classed as lifting accessories;
their packaging label must therefore include all useful and essential user safety information.
Specifically, these should include

the technical standard of reference, the type of steel used, the number of pieces included in the package, the threading size, the lot number, the surface finish and the three working loads in Kg which are most significant in terms of safety:
WLL for straight pull, 45° pull and 90° pull.
A suitable label for the professional use of eye bolts and eye nuts will also include the chemical analysis and the basic mechanical characteristics of the steel used and the identification details proving the analysis and the tests which have been carried out.


(labelling of lifting accessories must comply with the guidelines of European directive 2006/42/EC)

Immagine Golfare maschio M.24

Packaging contents.

Together with the standard-compliant eye bolts and eye nuts, the packaging should include:
 - instructions for the safe use of eye bolts and eye nuts;
 - EC declaration of conformity, as prescribed by the law;
 - 3.1 EN 10204 certificate attesting the results of the mandatory           laboratory tests for each manufacturing lot in compliance with           technical standard specifications;
- the product's Country of origin.


(instructions for use and EC conformity certificate must comply with European directive 2006/42/EC)

Delivery document and/or invoice.

The delivery document and/or invoice must specify the manufacturing lot number for each item. 
In case of manufacturing defect or non-compliance of an eye bolt /nut with the statutory regulations, lot traceability is essential for the purpose of immediate and mandatory call-back.


(under European directive 2006/42/EC, product traceability and call-back of faulty or non-compliant lots are mandatory actions)

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